Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break

Spring break and I finally get a chance to have fun creating tags for the season.  Usually I create tags that are pretty much the same, but this time each one is a bit unique.  I can’t wait to exchange them!
Image (4)_crop My first tag is from an insert taken from Somerset Studio Clip Art pages…don’t you just love this little vintage charmer?
I also used pieces of three different scrapbook papers and a butterfly from my Mariposa chip board box.
If you look closely you’ll also see a postmark stamp and the SOAR is from Jim Holtz Adage Tickets which I used on most of my tags.   
The first two tags I made, I did using only various scrapbook papers.  They’re okay, but definitely  lack the charm the vintage girls give the rest of the tags.
Image (2)_crop           Image (1)_crop
I’m so glad that I decided to use the vintage clip art.  Aren’t you? 
I have to give a huge thank you to the wonderful who so generously provided the charming vintage graphics that I used on so many of my tags.
Image (3)_crop      Image (6)_crop
I love this sweet little girl with the bunny so much that I have to use her in two different layouts.
Image (5)_crop
        Image (7)_crop
I really like the pastel colors and the bird cut-out on the left tag.  The tag on the right is a vintage ad for chocolate and has another of my Mariposa chip board pieces (sanded lightly and stamped).
But this is my favorite…this delicate child with the white dove.  I just love the pink and brown palette and the message for all of us:  I hope you soar. Image (8)_crop
May the blessings of hope and
joy be with you this season and

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  1. I love my tag! It is so beautiful, I already have it up on my display.

    I just put a little link to your blog in my post- hope you can have a few more new nice visitors come see your gorgeous blog!