Monday, April 18, 2011

Picture Perfect

I’m so excited to tell you all that I bought myself a new camera!  It’s a Cannon Rebel and I love it!  It’s so different than my little Fuji point-and-shoot and I’m still getting used to it. 

I bought it just before spring break started and was lucky to have my daughter and her family visiting, so I had lots of gorgeous gals who were eager to pose.

IMG_0008 (2)

Here’s one of my first shots of my cute little granddaughter.

What a glamour girl!  She’s a natural poser. Just like her mom in this next photo.

IMG_0021 (2)

It’s always exciting when she comes to visit!  I especially love the excuse we have to go shopping.  Our Monday destination is Hobby Lobby.  My favorite craft store.

IMG_0018 (3)_crop

Just look at these sweeties!  Reese is in the green (that’s her mom in the photo above) and Taylor is in pink…I’m not sure where her mom is off to at the moment, but aren’t these the cutest girls? 

They have so much fun together as cousins and friends.  Sometimes they even dress alike and I love that!


We also had a family picnic at the park where I tried to get some pictures of Josie swinging.  It was hard for me to get the shot at just the right time, so even though the subject was wonderful, my timing…not so much.  Here are some of the shots that weren’t totally awful.

rich and josie_crop


I love these photos of Josie and her dad!  I’m glad you can’t see all the pictures of only feet and swing bottoms!

I just want to get in the car and drive to the park and jump in a swing and fly away!


rich and josie2_crop Have a great day!  Remember to save some time for family and fun!  Thanks for stopping by.



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  2. What a great new camera! How fun. I just have a simple digital and even that has a lot of settings I've never used. But with our family you will always have willing subjects around.

  3. So sad to see how camera shy Josie is...not.