Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

It’s here!  July 4th and all of it’s wonderful celebrations.  Hope you get to see some great fireworks tonight!  We usually go to the high school in Nephi.

Here is a photo of my mother when she was still well enough to enjoy the celebrations with us.IMG_0478 (2)

How she loved dressing in red, white and blue and showing her true patriotism.  She flew the flag every day and made certain that a light shown on it every night.  Mama loved to decorate for the Fourth too, and I have two wreaths of hers to hang up this year!

Here is a photo my sweetie took of Mama and I that day.  IMG_0479 (2)

Have an exciting, safe and wonderful celebration of the Fourth!

Missing Mama

This past week I’ve been truly missing my mother who passed to a far better place on Mother’s Day this year.  It’s not that I don’t know she is happier and free from pain—it’s just that as exciting things happen in life, I can’t go in and talk to her about them anymore.

Last week, my sweet granddaughter, Katelynn, was married.  And Mama had so wanted to go to the temple with her—and with the other grandchildren who were married during her struggle with cancer.  NATE AND KATE_crop

Here is a picture we took at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.  I wanted to tell Mama all about the sweetness of  this day and how the room was so crowded more chairs had to be brought in and then there were two people sitting on some of the chairs any way.   I wanted to tell her how wonderful Nate’s family is and how much she would like them.  I wanted to tell her how the sealer greeted the moms and the grandmas and then whispered in my ear that we were the ones that started all this.

Mama loves that her daughters and granddaughters are all so beautiful.  But she was too.  Here is a picture of her from her high school years.Grandma[4]

She always seems so beautiful to me and she looks  like she stepped right off the pages of a fashion magazine.

As a mom, she looked so young that some times people didn’t believe she was my mother.

Here is a picture of our family taken at my Grandma Brinck’s home with my parents, three brothers and little sister.

old family photo when I was a teen

This week as I sort through her clothes, I just want to gather them all around me on the bed, hold on to them (sobbing as I never did in the days after her death and funeral) and think of her and how much I miss her.