Friday, July 30, 2010


I am such a dreamer!  Daydreaming seems to be a favorite pastime, so when I found this cute sign yesterday I knew it was calling out to me.  Luckily I was awake en0ugh to hear.   DSCF0278
But wait!
Aren’t I an official blogger now that I have my studio?
What am I thinking?  I remember I need to embellish this before I hang it in my studio AND I need “before and after photos.”  Phew!  I barely tore myself away in time.  Just pretend there’s nothing on that pink background…..just for a minute or two.
Whoomp…here it is.  My first attempt at art in my new studio.
clear dream
Yawning now.  Gotta go take a nap.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It’s My Party

Here are the picture posts of my studio.  I can hardly wait to get in here to sew, paint and create.  My space is pretty small, only about 10 x 11.
Luckily the ceilings are quite tall…. no where to go but up!
This is my “art” wall for storing paints (note tackle boxes, one for oils and one for acrylic), scrapbooking materials and treasure for making jewelry.
I recently moved my desk under my window, and I love it there!  The natural light is perfect for all my art.
My space for writing lesson plans, poetry, et cetera and blogging.
Sewing and quilting.
DSCF0273 Reading too.DSCF0269
Thanks for stopping by…..I see I have gone past midnight so I guess my post will show up on the 25th.
Here’s the closet I turned into more storage shelves.
Twinkle lights are tucked behind pink tulle…sometimes I love to come in here without turning on my overhead light.
When I feel like I haven’t accomplished much,  I just look at my before and after pictures and smile.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Creative Space?

I am still working on my studio.  I really feel disappointed that I didn’t meet the deadline for Where Bloggers Create, but have set my own deadline now that Mom is doing so much better.  I’m going with last year’s deadline of July 24 which is what inspired me in the first place to turn my office/storage/ junk space into a studio.  Even that is pushing it, what with a school district meeting tomorrow and a root canal on Thursday….but  on the 24th I’ll just post my progress so far…..
WARNING:  What you are about to see contains some insanity and may be seriously disturbing.
My shelf for craft books and a few sewing items.
The dreaded scale.  I mean really, how can anyone create with this constant reminder—chaos in mind, space and body.
My wall with the only window.
My computer desk with books for writing to be published and several books to help with lesson plans.
Etc. that need a home.
My desk for painting, planning, sewing and scrapbooking.
My shelves for card making, scrapbooking, sewing and gift wrapping.
My bookcase….really.
My closet for storage.
Items that will not fit in my closet for storage.
School stuff that permeates nearly every nook and cranny in my “studio”
and spills into my bedroom.
Disclaimer:  The author is NOT responsible for any trauma experienced by the viewing of above photos, but cordially invites you to return LATE on the night of the 24th (or even better on the 25th or after).  
We can only go uphill from here.

Monday, July 19, 2010


My dear, talented mom has been quite ill for several weeks.  I’ve DSCF0194_crop spent many days and nights with her in the hospital, and now she has finally been moved to a continuing care center for a couple weeks of therapy—that is if she doesn’t up and decide to walk home by herself.  She is one determined lady.
I want to thank everyone (family and friends) who kept her in their hearts and prayers.
One thing I missed is The Dessert Cottage challenge for posting my studio for where women create.  I feel guilty for not following through in time for the deadline, but have decided to plunge ahead and pretend that last year’s deadline of July 24 is my deadline even though I didn’t make Karen’s blog.  So don’t write me off, if you happen by….I’m glad to be back blogging and creating, but most of all I’m glad that prayers are answered and my mom is still with us.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Blessings

What a great birthday!  I decided this year not to think about being a year older…just 1 day older than I was yesterday.  It worked!  I also decided not to mope around as a birthday martyr just hoping for something good or exciting to happen….so I planned a fabulous day for myself and invited along anyone who showed interest. 
We started at Gardner Village where my lovely daughter Julie treated us to lunch at Archibald’s.  Yummy!  We all loved our lunches.  Then we went to Tai Pan Traders and shopped for treasures.  My big surprise was my salon appointment Hubby had my daughters arrange.
toenails Love those glorious glitter toes.  So many colors to choose from.
I finally decided on sea foam that I can wear with  so many of my summer outfits.

Next up were these glorious acrylic nails.
They’re a bit too  long, but “if you’ve never had it and you’ve finally got it, why not flaunt it?”
Typing this is a real tragedy of errors and I’m dying to trim these new nails down, but I still have a few people to impress.
We left the salon and went straight to my mostly surprise party/campfire where I roasted my marshmallow to perfection and blew out the single candle on my chocolate birthday cake.