Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Best of Times

This week-end really was the best of times, people, places and movies!  Our book club meets this Friday in Park City to discuss Half Broke Horses and The Last Time They Met…but on the way  some of us just had to stop for the first showing of Atlas Shrugged which opened at 10:30 am that very day.

Atlas Shrugged


Although I had read Atlas Shrugged a few years ago, when our book club decided to read it last year, I reread it.  And loved it even more than before.  I’ve been following the Atlas blogs and cast my “Demand” more than once.  It wasn’t even going to show in my state!   Finally I got my “golden” ticket!

ticketWhat a great way to start our book club week-end!

We met at the condo and then hit the Factory Outlets for some serious shopping.  shoes

I love, love, love these shoes!  They’ll be great once it stops raining and snowing here and fabulous for Hawaii and our Mexican Riviera cruise.  Ooops…did I forget to mention those dream vacations?  Watch for future installments.

Shopping was great and we followed that up with a yummy diner at the Baja Cantina and sweet treats at  Rocky Mountain Chocolates and a trip to the book store (or course!).

Back at the condo, we talked about our book selections, life stories, more books and movies.  What wonderful women I have  to share my life with.  I am truly blessed.  We talked into the wee hours, and finally fell asleep. 

After breakfast we find the World Market.  It’s amazing!

world market clsoe-up

Here I find great treasures for filling Easter baskets but….shh, it’s still in the bag because it’s a secret!  I can show you the fabulous earrings I bought and the cute little bag the cashier put them in.  I even have a close-up. 


Then it’s back to the condo, pack up and load up for the trip home.  But there’s one more ultra fabulous stop on the way home ….  Cherry Lane Boutique!!  Do  you know how many times I’ve wanted to stop here?  Problem is, I’m always with my husband who just moans about these little shops.  This time, it’s only us girls, so of course we have to go on in!


I feel transported!  It’s everything romantic and feminine, sparkly and lovely.  It’s eye candy that looks and smells so inviting.

  Too bad I’m so close to the end of my paycheck….that doesn’t stop me though from buying a fantastic purse, beautiful earrings and a gift card for my daughter.  And don’t worry…payday is only seven days away!

Here’s an idea I found on a little charm there.

BE YOURSELF_crop Have a great day and remember:

Be happy with

who you are!

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