Saturday, January 26, 2013

Austenprose—Book #1 Challenge

Jane Austen Ruined My Life is filled with imagination and speculation about Jane Austen’s missing letters and with interesting facts  and information about the places that became more famous because she was there.


Reading this book just made me more excited for my UK trip that’s coming up. 

I have more places to add to my “must see” list and my tour map.  I know we’re already going to Bath and Chawton,  and now I’m hoping that also on that list are St. Nicholas Church in Steventon, the Cobb at Lyme, and Hatchards Book Store.


           In  this book the author, Beth Pattillo, writes about Hatchards …”my life was a disaster, but there were still books, lots and lots of books. A refuge.  A solace.”

She assures us books are better than meditation or a new pair of shoes—or even chocolate.

I know if I had to choose between my favorite chocolate or a good book, the book would win every time.


  1. I still have to read that book. I just finished Syrie James' new book. I also want to Join The Austenprose challenge. I'm hoping I can still join late!

  2. That book store does look amazing. Take lots of pictures when you go!