Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pride and Prejudice 200 Year Celebrations

My second book  for the challenge is Pride and Prejudice and the Zombies.


The cover of this book intrigued me from the first time I saw it.  It just seemed so out of place in Miss Austen’s world, but the cover perfectly fits the book.

The language of Jane Austen is there, so refined and elegant.  But then it is juxtaposed with the Miss Bennetts carrying around muskets, daggers and Chinese stars.  And did I mention their side yard dojo?

At first this was so hilariously incongruent that I laughed out loud.  After a few chapters, though, I got so sick of reading about zombies sucking brains and eating entrails that I had to speed read to the end…where I did find a few things to make me chuckle, or, at the least, smile.

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