Monday, January 21, 2013

Hopelessly Addicted to Books

Peggy in bookclub

I am so lucky to belong to the best bookclub ever….we’re all addicted to reading!  Often a book a month isn’t quite enough, so we have two. 

Then there’s also our yearly classic which is read in 200 page monthly increments. 

This photo is from our meeting Saturday, and shows my great friend Peggy modeling her Type 3 Energy outfit and demonstrating the remarkable similarity to the author Carol Tuttle (also a Type 3).  The book is It’s Just My Nature.  Peggy knew from the get-go that she was a Type 3, where as I, on the other hand, was so confused that I wanted to throw the book out the door. 

Did I mention we also sometimes have a “secret” book?  That’s the book we LOVE so much that if anyone hates it, she can’t say a negative word about it!  Some of us have very tender feelings, you know.

Another fabulous part of our bookclub is our all night reading marathons (which evolve into talk-a-thons—but we’re talking about books) (mostly). . . and we sometimes follow this with a day at the outlets.  We’re serious shoppers, too.


  1. I love book club! Peggy is a hoot.
    We need to have another overnighter!

  2. Your book club sounds so fun! I would want to go if I lived there.