Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Laid Plans

This week-end I have lovely painting projects outside and a goal to find my old walking route and enjoy some outdoor exercise.  What happens?  Another snow storm!  No way can I paint those massive shelves that have to be hauled outside OR go on that walk.

Not to be deterred, I take my paint bucket into my studio and search the house for anything I can find to paint.  I start with these dish racks and the fleur de lis I found at Hobby Lobby.


A bit heavy looking, no?  But these items turn out fabulosa after a bit of creamy paint.  I’m excited to show off my pink petal plates found at the consignment store, Home Again.


Here are those lovely dishes in the newly painted dish rack.  Looks amazing, doesn’t it? 

I absolutely love that fleur de lis, too.  These pieces are so light and airy now and actually look like they belong in my home….they just seemed so dominatrix before.


I’m having a blast taking these floral plates out of their boxes and putting them in my other new dish rack.  I also find Mr. Prince, my rusty iron frog, and spruce him up with a bit of paint too.

I put the dishes side by side in my cupboard with the goblets found at the new consignment store at Gardiner Village.


It’s so fun to show these off in my cupboard with the glass door!

I’m amazed that these goblets exactly match the pink petal dishes that I bought last year.

There’s one more project that I want to share.  It started with our book club trip to Park City.  candle decor

I found these gorgeous papers at Michaels there.  All the other things were right here in my studio….just waiting for a project.  So I wrapped the candlesticks in both papers, then a bit of old lace, and finally tied it up with some twine.  This is what they look like now…there’s a close-up, too.

finished candles

candle close-up






Aren’t they spectacular, spectacular?  What a great day!  A bit of snow and sleet didn’t bother me at all, so remember….

Don’t let it rain on your parade!



  1. A very nice collection you have there! That's Great! Thanks for sharing!...Daniel

  2. All your decor touches are so pretty!