Monday, August 27, 2012

Road Trip to the Pacific Northwest

I love taking road trips because we always go somewhere  enjoyable, and we brake for flea markets, antique shops and thrift stores.

Leaving Utah always goes by quickly, and soon we come to this Summer trip 2012border sign.   Here things start to slow down a bit… that is, until we find a thrift store. 

The roads are long, and the scenery pretty much the same along I 84.

_MG_0768 (2)

We keep  rolling along and arrive to more of the same only with hill, after hill, after hill….you get the picture?

This sign is the greenest thing we see here in the summer time.  There are great finds for us here, though!


  Washington sign

I love this state!  Six of my children live here, so it’s always our summer vacation place.  This year we have a wedding!  And as ever, there are trashy treasures where ever we go.  Here is a peak at some of them.

IMG_0845 (2)

       IMG_0844 (2)

Remember these watch bands…I have fabulous plans for them!

  Here are things with bling!buttons and jewels 2  

I love these vintage jewelry boxes and gorgeous plates.  Oh, and the vintage linens… I found several.

china and jewelry boxes flea with me





flea items

More glitter and shine.  I’m collecting old salt & pepper shakers and cruets to put my craft glitter and teeny, tiny beads in.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the trays—there’s no room on my working surfaces, but like a magpie, I had to pick them up.

Are you jealous yet?  Next time, come flea with me!

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