Monday, July 19, 2010


My dear, talented mom has been quite ill for several weeks.  I’ve DSCF0194_crop spent many days and nights with her in the hospital, and now she has finally been moved to a continuing care center for a couple weeks of therapy—that is if she doesn’t up and decide to walk home by herself.  She is one determined lady.
I want to thank everyone (family and friends) who kept her in their hearts and prayers.
One thing I missed is The Dessert Cottage challenge for posting my studio for where women create.  I feel guilty for not following through in time for the deadline, but have decided to plunge ahead and pretend that last year’s deadline of July 24 is my deadline even though I didn’t make Karen’s blog.  So don’t write me off, if you happen by….I’m glad to be back blogging and creating, but most of all I’m glad that prayers are answered and my mom is still with us.

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  1. Thanks so much for coming by my blog! Your creative space is amazing and so spacious!!! I pray your Mom has wonderful health in her future.My Grama just got sick the last few months and had to go to a nursing home. Like a knife in my heart and she too is very fiesty BUT turns out she likes it there. All the Best! Terri