Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Blessings

What a great birthday!  I decided this year not to think about being a year older…just 1 day older than I was yesterday.  It worked!  I also decided not to mope around as a birthday martyr just hoping for something good or exciting to happen….so I planned a fabulous day for myself and invited along anyone who showed interest. 
We started at Gardner Village where my lovely daughter Julie treated us to lunch at Archibald’s.  Yummy!  We all loved our lunches.  Then we went to Tai Pan Traders and shopped for treasures.  My big surprise was my salon appointment Hubby had my daughters arrange.
toenails Love those glorious glitter toes.  So many colors to choose from.
I finally decided on sea foam that I can wear with  so many of my summer outfits.

Next up were these glorious acrylic nails.
They’re a bit too  long, but “if you’ve never had it and you’ve finally got it, why not flaunt it?”
Typing this is a real tragedy of errors and I’m dying to trim these new nails down, but I still have a few people to impress.
We left the salon and went straight to my mostly surprise party/campfire where I roasted my marshmallow to perfection and blew out the single candle on my chocolate birthday cake.

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  1. That sounds fabulous! I love my birthday and try not to think about the number, just think of it as ME day. Hopefully involving a fun eat-out and a new outfit.
    I have a gift for you but we will give it to you when you are here.