Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Creative Space?

I am still working on my studio.  I really feel disappointed that I didn’t meet the deadline for Where Bloggers Create, but have set my own deadline now that Mom is doing so much better.  I’m going with last year’s deadline of July 24 which is what inspired me in the first place to turn my office/storage/ junk space into a studio.  Even that is pushing it, what with a school district meeting tomorrow and a root canal on Thursday….but  on the 24th I’ll just post my progress so far…..
WARNING:  What you are about to see contains some insanity and may be seriously disturbing.
My shelf for craft books and a few sewing items.
The dreaded scale.  I mean really, how can anyone create with this constant reminder—chaos in mind, space and body.
My wall with the only window.
My computer desk with books for writing to be published and several books to help with lesson plans.
Etc. that need a home.
My desk for painting, planning, sewing and scrapbooking.
My shelves for card making, scrapbooking, sewing and gift wrapping.
My bookcase….really.
My closet for storage.
Items that will not fit in my closet for storage.
School stuff that permeates nearly every nook and cranny in my “studio”
and spills into my bedroom.
Disclaimer:  The author is NOT responsible for any trauma experienced by the viewing of above photos, but cordially invites you to return LATE on the night of the 24th (or even better on the 25th or after).  
We can only go uphill from here.

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  1. Hi Mom! Your room definitely has potential! It's hard work and you have been so busy so I know how it is, especially when that's 'your space' so stuff you don't quite know what to do with gets put in there.
    I would say you need a bigger room but I don't think there is a big enough room for all your teaching supplies. It's too bad they didn't have their own space.
    I know what you mean about the scale. I couldn't relax with that thing staring at me!
    Good luck working on your room and getting ready for school and I'll see you soon!