Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We are ourselves creative

This is my second page. I created it to show along side of the Madame Butterfly piece. We are ourselves creative

I try to do a different painterly element on each piece. In this one, I used a large scrapbooking stamp (4 x 6 inches) to cover most of the page.

On the Madame Butterfly page I used the handle of my favorite paring knife. One day I picked it up and noticed all the rows of bumps and wondered how that would look as a “stamp”. So I just painted the whole handle and kind of rolled it across the paper and I liked it!

One thing I’m trying to do with these pages is develop a bit of looseness so everything isn’t quite so controlled, but what I really love is that I’m starting to feel like an artist and think about painting, drawing and creating most of the time.


  1. These are all SO GORGEOUS!!!!
    I can't wait to see them in person.
    Man, I wish I got your creative eye!

  2. Hello My Way, just popped over from your beautiful daughter's blog. You are very creative. I have done the saran wrap over paint, especially for Christmas cards, looks like stained glass. I would love to get to know you better. Drop by my neck of the woods when you can. I am new to blogging and new to art. Have done just about everything in my 72 years,art is new. Blessings

  3. Hello, I'm going to love visitng your blog and being inspired. A mother who is artsy...my dream:-)

  4. Popped over after I read a comment you left after where bloggers create party. I enjoyed your blog and I am inspired by Jane Austin.....I might make her a goal for next year---I never really read her books---I think I might like to start reading them. Thanks for the inspiration!