Monday, July 13, 2009

Late Bloomer Lately Blooming!

I seem to start everything a bit late in life.  I have wanted to try mixed media painting for a year or two, although I don’t really consider myself an artist.  Even those paintings I did that hang on my walls, I look at and know I could never do a repeat but sometimes I just itch to pick up the brush and paints again.
This quote from Giacomo Puccini (just love all things Italian!) moved my heart and itchy fingers:  Puccini Madame B
The music of this opera [Madame Butterfly] was   dictated to me by God; I was merely instrumental in putting it on paper and communicating it to the public.
Doing the exercises from The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron got my late blooming fingers itching, though.  And Taking Flight, a mixed media how-to book, and supplies my daughters gave me for Mother’s Day provided me the courage to try.
I had so much fun with ripping, cutting and painting that I decided to do a little artist’s journal with a page devoted to each of the ten Basic Principles found in The Artist’s Way.  This page has the principle about creativity as a gift and Puccini’s quote.


  1. Wow, that looks great! I really love the coloring and everything. How big is the finished piece?

  2. I am impressed! And...I LOVE, love love Madame Butterfly!

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