Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Bling

I’ve been seeing whole new worlds of Halloween on Pinterest lately.  I love that this holiday doesn’t have to be creepy or frightening, but that it can sparkle!  Here are some pumpkins that I painted white and added packaged sparkles and crystals to.  Now that I’m started, I can’t seem to stop! 

 Here is my shelf with traded Halloween tags on the gate, decorations hanging from pegs, and the glass containers with more bling.

This jar containing my frog prince is sitting atop my mantle.  So is my bejeweled BOO!  I love that they’re not scary at all.

There are a few more places I want to show you….careful though, these skeletons and skulls may scare some of you!


Hope you enjoy my pretty little Halloween bling!  Here is my favorite Halloween guest to greet you whenever you stop by!

                                                              Bye  Bye!

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