Friday, September 6, 2013

The Second Secret

Today I decide to enjoy the workshops in alphabetical order, just in case I get confused.  In the beginning, this class seems way too weird for me—burning candles and rope with the beating of drums.  Well, okay.  I do try the music, but then I can’t hear the instructions.

So we need to find our spirit guide.  An animal that appears in our dreams and calls to us, sometimes giving us messages.  I’m too old to be New Age.  But water has always called out to me and I consider myself a water child.   I’m ready to go find any message it may have to give me.  If I have an “original medicine” it’s water for sure!

This class does have something I need very much—a looseness that allows me freedom to explore.  My work is always so tightly controlled.  I tell myself “Just get over it!”  This 21 Secret workshop is presented by Carrisa Paige and is called Following the Wild Winds.

We paint straight onto the paper with a credit card, and I find I love this look!  But everything is so fast and furious that there is no before shots or stopping along the way.

Carrisa introduces me to just letting mistakes go…it all hangs out!  I do the right hand page first and as soon as the paint is dry I add the photocopy of me in Bermuda standing on the beach.  She says to paint over the picture!  This is quirky fun!  I decide to take a few pounds off with paint.  Now we’re really cruising’!

IMG_1607 (2)

  Then Carrisa has us stamp with foam shapes covered with paint.  Mine are the pink flowers and little pink dots shaded with a darker pink pastel.  We also use a stamp, making sure that some of the images are only partially there.  She introduces glitter tape which I cut in a wavy look and use for water foam under my picture.   Today is the first time I use alcohol ink—that’s the roundish blue-green smears at the top of the page.

I try to use a gorgeous magenta alcohol ink like Carrisa, letting it run across the page.  It’s a disaster!  So I cover it up with more paint and the large arrow marking “I am here.”  You can see how I outline it with glitter tape.  I write and adhere my 4 lines of text as she suggests.  I like it!  And I like the way the paint looks like water, too.  I end up having so much fun!  Who knew?

Two down and 19 to go.  Put a little art in your life today!

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  1. Nice work. I think the drums and stuff is pretty funny.But it is fun to just try something creative and play.