Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Reading Life

I admit it.  I am a book addict.  Is there a BAA—Book Addicts Anonymous?  Maybe I don’t really want to know because I don’t think I want the cure.  I love reading books, smelling books and talking about books. 
I love my book clubs!!  Last night we had an author visit.   5046908_Escape_from_Rwanda_product
We were fascinated by John Yves Bizimana who wrote the true story of his Escape from Rwanda. 
It is a story of faith, hope and survival that is uplifting and somewhat miraculous.  He graciously answered all of our questions and even lead us in a little call and response chant from Africa.
I suggested that we also read Left to Tell by Imaculee Ilibagiza.  Left to Tell
This is a selection from one of my other book clubs that we read a year or so ago, but it’s a perfect paired reading.
John was a young child as he escaped so his writing isn’t quite as graphic, but the scenes of being herded into the stadium and later those of the dying and mutilated bodies are the same.  How did this horrific genocide happen in our lifetime?
On the lighter side, we reminded each other of our book for next month, The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte.  This should be fun since we all read Bronte’s Jane Eyre last year, and last fall I had fun meeting the author, Syrie James, and having her sign my book.
Next month we also have a shhhhhh…secret book.   My son asks, “How can you all read a book if  it’s a secret?”  Well, the secret books (yes, we have more coming up) are those that are so near and dear to one or more members’ heart that they will be literally crushed if we say anything BAD about their book.  That’s the part that’s the secret.  Mum’s the word—or the bad ones anyway.   I’ve already started this one and I love it already!  At least what I’ve read so far.  The Violent Bear It Away is  so funny from the start,  that I’m signing off to go read.  TTFN.


  1. Your book club sounds awesome. I think reading is one of the greatest joys, especially when you are so busy, it's nice to slip away into another world for a few minutes.

  2. Our book club is great, I am so glad we have it. I linked up to your blog this month, I hope you don't mind.