Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wicked Costuming

These are shots I took of the witch costume I made for my daughter for her part as the wicked witch in The Wizard of OZ.

She brought me a tall velvet hat she purchased that was too tall and too wide in the brim. It was such a pain! Lots harder than the dress--mostly because of the unpicking (@#@+), cutting of wire that is clotheshanger thick, removing wires, recutting and resewing of the brim and point. It was all worth it, though. I think she looks fabulous!


  1. It is absolutely marvelous. I know your excitement. My granddaughter did several roles in our community theater. Lucy in Charlie Brown for one. I didn't make any of the costumes, but I love the production.

  2. They look just great! I can't wait to see her play!

  3. You know I luv the costume. But I also wanted to say your blog is looking great!!!!!

  4. I love the costume and your daughter looks wonderful! I had the chance to go see Wicked the musical and your daughter reminds me of that. I now see the wicked witch of the west in a whole new light!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!
    :) Missy

  5. I love the doctored photos to spice up that background! I wish I would have covered my neck better- I learned after seeing all my parade photos and won't make that mistake again.

    I saw Steve today and he pulled me aside to tell me how much this costume meant to him and to say he is so amazed with your work. He won't be the only one saying that!