Sunday, October 31, 2010

Having A Ball

Tonight’s entry is courtesy of my lovely daughter. We are having a blast!
We have many great pictures from the Jane Austen Ball last night. I also took some videos of her dancing which she will post when she gets back home, so stay tuned for that.
Today, before our selected breakout sessions, we heard from Juliet McMaster, who along with her many other accomplishments, is the founder of Juvenalia press, publishing many of Jane Austen’s minor works along side her own illustrations.
IMG_3070We also slipped away for a trip (pilgrimage) to Powell's book store. With floor after floor of new and used books, it was hard not to spend the whole day there. This picture is deceptive. It is one corner of a store that includes several stories (pardon our pun) and a whole city block--the largest bookstore in all of North America! I found lots of books to support my addiction!IMG_3069 A shelf of Austen and Austen related books-IMG_3068 And another,
IMG_3067 And another.
IMG_3077After two more talks it was time to get ready for the ball.
Before the BallLynnae fells the overall effect was more ‘Lydia’ than ‘Elizabeth Bennett’, but that was OK because the look was darling, the curls bouncing, and the compliments flying.
I wish I could share all our pictures, but here is a sampling. Remember that in addition to the Jane Austen theme, this was also a Ball Masque, so many participants are in costume.
IMG_3092 IMG_3096IMG_3109
Yes!! That IS Henry the VIII and I got to dance in a quadrille with him...what fun.
Below is Syrie James the author of The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen and The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte--which my book club plans to read soon. Just wait till they see my autographed copy. There'll be some book envy then, I'll bet.
IMG_3120IMG_3121IMG_3122IMG_3123 IMG_3104 IMG_3130IMG_3097 IMG_3128 Even the purse table looked very elegant.
We had a great time and I am especially glad my daughter and I could share this trip together. I Love you Sweetie!

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